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How to choose the car gps navigation system

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Now, in-dash dvd player navigation system basically became a car driving auxiliary tool. You are not familiar with roads and how to arrived its destination if you drove up to the strange city. This time you should need a car gps navigation to accompany you. Used car navigation can greatly improve the efficiency, and even help us to ensure the safety of driving.

Car gps navigation systems currently has many kinds, The use of hardware is mainly divided into independent automotive navigation systems and mobile phone navigation systems.

This paper mainly discusses is independent automotive navigation. The independent car navigator have roughly from built in operating system in use is: Win CE system and Android syatem.

For in car navigation systems on the aftermarket of the most popular is the Win CE system. The use of Windows CE, not only can stably navigation, also support the market for most major navigation software, mature and stable. However , the windows CE software expansibility is not good. In addition to professional navigation software, other entertainment is not abundant. (though many independent GPS has built in rich software, such as game, music player and electronic reader).

windows ce car gps  system

If you want to buy a stable and mature navigator, then select the windows CE system is a quite good choice.

For android navigation system, Except the navigation outside, also can be installed at present many android application software. Installed software to play games, listen to music and even the internet.

android GPS system

Using android system, GPS system has been the equivalent of a tablet computer. If you value GPS navigation scalability(for example, want to install the game and other software), then choose android system using the navigator is the good choice.

No matter which type of navigation you want, to test the actual positioning accuracy. General good navigation performance in half minite and positioning accuracy.    Send article as PDF