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The Review of Pumpkin KD-C0224 6.95″ Android 4.4.4 Universal In Dash HD Touch Screen Car DVD Player Double Din GPS Navigation Stereo

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Below is one review of our customers on Amazon store Jason J German on March 31, 2015 for Pumpkin KD-C0224

“I love this radio. It installed easily into my 1999 Pontiac Trans Am. Since it’s basically an android tablet the music possibilities are almost endless. Shuttle, amazon player, Pandora, I Heart Radio, and others I’ve tried all work great. Wi-Fi tethering from my phone for the radio’s internet connection is a snap (I recommend the app ‘tasker’ to automate it).

The steering wheel controls were a little confusing to figure out but I finally got it to work after a little research.

With any product there are always annoyances. I don’t care for the stock player for usb or sdcard mp3 files. You can’t sort by artist with it but that’s okay because I use shuttle+ on it anyway. I also wish it had subwoofer level control as well in the equalizer. To remedy this, I downloaded the app ‘Equalizer’ on it to boost the bass to my subs and it worked great. With the ‘Equalizer’ app, the Pumpkin radio sounds better than any aftermarket car stereo I’ve owned, and I’ve owned a ton of them.

Other then those two preferences of mine, I’d say this stereo is amazing!”

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