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Video Rückblick auf Pumpkin 1 Din Andorid Autoradio mit Navi-RQ0109

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Wer mehr als nur ein auf dicke Hose machen will , ist mit diesem Pumpkin Autoradio bestens bedient. Android macht es möglich, man kann wirklich alles aus dem Amazon Underground installieren was die Hardware her gibt und das ist bei dem Quadcore einiges. Habe mir zum Beispiel Navigon installiert (bei Underground kostenlos) und ein Auto DJ für den richtigen Mix beim Fahren, es gibt kaum Grenzen … ok WhatsApp geht nicht da keine Sim eingebaut ist …. aber ansonsten geht eigentlich alles was ein Tablett auch kann. Das einzige was ich Negativ finde ist das man das bedienteil nicht abnehmen kann, vielleicht wird da mal über ein Update nachgedacht.

–by Markus

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Video Review on Pumpkin Android Universal Single Din Car GPS Stereo–RQ0109

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The Pumpkin Andorid Single Din Car GPS DVD Player we’re talking about is:

This is a full-blown Pumpkin android tablet for your car. It’s well built, well thought out with great features, and generally well polished. Google Play is included, so you can just install apps from the play store (although you’ll really need an SD card and will have to move as many apps to it as possible). Most apps just work, and work great. Apps that want a lot of space on internal flash storage (such as Google Maps, for its offline maps feature) may have major problems. It’s not ENTIRELY stock android: one third-party app told me change a setting in preferences, opened the preferences for me, and the setting wasn’t there. Mostly though, the changes are to add features, rather than remove features.

Sound quality is good. Radio tuning and quality is decent, though it seems to only catch main stations — maybe the stereo (ST) or local (LOC) settings will help it tune more distant/weaker stations, but I haven’t tried those yet. Some volume tweaking is required to make the navigation volumes sane whilst also listening to music, but I think it’s customisable enough for that to be OK.

Haven’t tried the DVD video/audio playback yet. For a linux/phone hackery-type like me, though, this is doing everything I really hoped for so far, apart from the storage and DAB issues, which are mostly surmountable.

Also, I didn’t expect this, but if you connect your android 6 phone with USB and use the Easy Connect app included, it will prompt you to enable USB debugging / mutual control, and then your phone will become a secondary Android Drive mode screen. So between this, your (modern) phone, and a car mount, you get TWO computerised driving displays :)

Highly recommended, if single din is all you have.

Android 5.1 Version of this single din android car gps stereo is:
Auto accessories that can work with this Android Car GPS Radio: Headrest monitor,Backup camera,3G dongle,DAB+ box,OBD dongle.

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Customer Review on Pumpkin Android BMW E46 DVD GPS Car Radio–RQ1126

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Installation was silly easy, I got this Pumpkin Android bmw dvd gps car radio done in a couple of hours and that was because I wanted to hide the wires for the GPS antenna and blutooth microphone, if you’re less picky than me you could get it done in a half hour.

The buttons and knobs are very well built, the finish is slightly more glossy than the stock business radio of the E46, though I suspect part of that is due to aging of the stock materials. The screen is bright and clear and the touch screen is very responsive, the colors and sharpness are great.

I was worried that the audio quality would be worse than the stock CD player, but it’s definitely not when using equal mediums (CD’s, iPod, radio, etc.), but when streaming blutooth it’s not the best, most people probably wouldn’t notice the difference (my friends didn’t), but if you’re like me and like clear audio you’ll want to stick to CD’s, SD cards or an iPod.

The included apps are pretty good, I love the navigation which displays the speed limit of the road you’re on as well as warning you if you’re speeding, it can also display any nearby gas stations, hotels and many other things and lets you choose which ones you can see or not see. My only gripe with the pre-installed music player is that there is no shuffle button, that seems like a huge oversight, otherwise it works well and the equalizer presets are pretty good, as is the custom mapping option that it gives you.

The bmw car dvd player comes with a .apk installer app so that you can install any app from the Google Play store from an SD card, or anywhere else you could find a .apk app. It also has the Google Play Store app installed on it so if you use your phone as a mobile hotspot for the on-board wifi or use a 3G data card in your unit you can download apps directly from the store.

My bmw e46 car dvd gps came and worked well for a couple of months and then got stuck in the loading screen. But their customer service responded to me quite quickly and informed me it was likely a software issue. This did not require me to send it back to them or anything of the sort. Within an hour of being given directions of how to fix the issue, I had the stereo back in the car and working brand new. It did require me to wipe some settings like time/date and personal installed apps. But other than that it was fairly simple and quick and works perfect again. It looks great in the car, is very useful, and I get compliments from my friends when they see it and play around with it. The bmw car dvd is great and simple to install, that teamed with their persistent, quick, and most importantly *helpful* customer service, I give them a 5 out 5.

–by Jeffrey T

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