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Kundenmeinung auf Pumpkin Android 5.1 Opel Autoradio mit Navi-RQ0422E

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Ich habe schon länger einen Ersatz für mein CD30MP3 gesucht, vor allem wollte ich auch Navigation im Auto und “mehr” Musik, Stichwort: Youtube und Spotify. Auto ist ein Opel Corsa D 2012 Facelift.

Nachdem endlich ein Pumpkin Android 5.1 Gerät in der neuen Version herausgekommen ist habe ich zugeschlagen.
Lieferung schnell, solide und gute Verpackung, Bedienungsanleitung und Hinweis auf die Supportkontaktdaten ebenfalls im Lieferumfang.
Einbau ist eigentlich selbsterklärend, ergänzend stehen auch Tipps in der Anleitung.

Ein Rätsel ist mir nur, wie ich all die Kabel unterbringen soll, aktuell steht das Radio noch ein paar Millimeter heraus, hier werde ich die Plastikleiste hinter dem Radio etwas bearbeiten müssen. GPS Antenne und auch den 3G Stick habe ich über dem Handschuhfach befestigt.

Verarbeitung des Radios ist sehr gut, Gute Druckpunkte, kein Staub hinter dem Display, solide Verarbeitung, super Spaltmaße.
Ich habe auch gleich (Männer eben) alle Funktionen getestet, klappt alles wunderbar. Einzig die Equalizer Einstellungen des default MediaPlayers sind etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, VLC Player aus dem Store funktioniert aber wunderbar.
Spotify funktioniert auch 1A, mit WLAN und auch mit dem 3G Stick (extra zu bestellen). GPS hat sofort Positionsdaten, das Radio läuft flüssig und ohne Ruckler, bis jetzt auch keine Hänger oder ähnliches.
Rückfahrkamera (extra zu bestellen) funktioniert sofort, Radio bootet ca. 10 Sekunden, aber nicht störend.
Auch die Lenkradfernbedienung und das Display funktionieren in Kombination mit dem Radio top.

–von Dom

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Customer Review on Pumpkin Andorid 5.1 Car DVD GPS for Opel-RQ0422E

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I was looking for a new replacement android car dvd for my CD30MP3,in partivular I wanted the in-car navigation and more function on music,such as YouTube and Spotify.My car is Opel Corsa D 2012 Facelift.

After finally a new version Pumpkin Android 5.1 device has been released,I got slammed.The delivery is fast,packaging is good and solid,the operating instruction and note with support contact information are also included.

Installation is really self explanatory,in addition the guidance tips are also available.

The only confuse is that how I should put all he cables together,and the radio also protrudes a few millimeters,so I have to do some work on the plastic strip behind the radio.I have also attached the GPS antenna and the 3G stick above the golve compartment.

Processing of the radio is very good, no dust behind the screen, solid workmanship, good pressure points, super gap.I have tested all the functions, everything works fine.Only I have to get used to the equalizer settings of  default MediaPlayers,VLC Player from the sore works and beautifully.Spotify works great, with Wi-Fi and the 3G stick (must be ordered separately).
GPS position data shows immediately, the radio runs smoothly without hitch, until now no hanger or similar issue.

Rear view camera (must be ordered separately) to work immediately, radio boot about 10 seconds, but not annoying.

Also the steering wheel remote control and the display work top in combination with the radio.

–by Dom
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Customer Review on Pumpkin 7 Inch 1024*600 Android 5.1 Car Stereo GPS -RQ0264E

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This review is the for Pumpkin Quad Core 7 inch 2 Din Android 5.1 Lollipop Car Stereo Radio HD 1024*600 Muti-touch Screen GPS Navigation Support 3G WIFI Bluetooth OBD2 Mirror Link with Backup Camera.

Overall I am very satisfied with this Pumpkin head unit, considering the price point and its feature set. Originally I was looking to get an android auto/carplay compatible deck but those start at hundreds of dollar more. This Pumpkin car stereo works pretty well offline as long as you plan ahead and download maps/music to the unit itself

If you have any specific questions please ask in the comments and I will answer!


Install went smooth, the provided manual is decent it is a non-name brand Chinese product so don’t expect a manual on the same level as a Pioneer/Alpine/or comparable head unit however; the wire layout is clear and the harness provided has decent size wires to mate with the metra vehicle harness I bought as well to mate this with my van. Everything went smooth on the install, I have installed about 4 stereos in my life, however for work I troubleshoot and support complex electronic equipment

Now it is noted in the pictures for this unit but the RCA video cable that comes with the unit is only 6 meters, this is long enough for most cars I’m sure but for my Odyssey it is too short and I had to purchase a longer one, not a big deal but worth noting. Also the microphone cable is only 1.2 meters so it isn’t long enough to run up to the pillar on the drivers side to put it up near my head, however I mounted it right on the steering column and sound quality for calls has been good even with the windows down callers could hear me fine with minimal background noise. Finally the GPS cable is only about 3 meters which was fine, I ended up mounting it under my dashboard, however that would not be long enough to attach it to the roof if you wanted to do an exterior mount as the supplied mount does have a magnetic base. When selecting a location for the GPS antenna the software does have a GPS monitor function within the settings menu to see the number of satellites it currently has in view and their signal strength so I knew placing it under my dash wouldn’t be a problem.

This unit does accept micro SD cards, the documentation specifies a 32GB max, which is what I got and installed in the slot on the front and it recognized it no problems and is writing maps and music to it.


I think this is perhaps the weakest area of the unit, it only has 1GB of ram so it bogs down a bit. To be fair I was setting it up last night downloading/installing apps, downloading offline map data, Spotify playlists etc etc so I was doing a lot of reading and writing and putting data on the 32GB SD card. Maps hangs a bit when I originally open it up, however I am not currently running the Wi-Fi hotspot function on my car so it is most likely polling the offline maps and perhaps that is why. I will update this review once I have had more time with the unit. Overall so far it isn’t’ a deal breaker but as with everything it would be nice if it ran faster/smoother, however it is defiantly functional.

It does boot fairly quickly, within ~30 seconds max of the car being turned on it is ready to go. I haven’t hooked up my backup camera yet but I believe as soon as you put it in reverse it will throw the screen to the camera, I will update this review if that isn’t true.

So far it has connected to my Bluetooth just fine on my phone every time I have started the unit up without any issues and phone calls connect perfectly as well. I have not tried to stream music off my phone to the unit yet as I downloaded everything I wanted to the unit. I also haven’t tried using the AUX input yet, but once I do I will update.

The radio app comes right up and is smooth Google Maps tends to boot up laggy, but once it is and you have a destination set it runs smooth, it is just the initial launch that is slow


The screen is easy enough to see and not too dim, I have no problem viewing it from the driver’s seat at the angle it rests in my dash board in my 2003 Honda Odyssey. The volume knob works well (I’m glad they have a physical knob rather than soft buttons) and the home, back, and navi buttons all work well. You simply map the navi button to launch an app of your choice, in my case I have it launching google maps

I personally love that it has a volume dial, pushing it in turns off the head unit. The only downside to this dial is that it isn’t to an amp it controls the android system volume so if the tablet is un-responsive the volume controls won’t respond

***Negativity ***

My main complaint of the unit so far would be the way it handles resuming your previous task once you are done talking on the phone. For example this morning I was listening to a spotify playlist I had downloaded for offline use when my wife called me on my drive to work. Once we hung up the phone it started playing the radio instead of jumping back into the playlist. I have to play with the settings more to see if this is something that can be configured.

–By Matt

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