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Tips on Cleaning an In-Dash Ford Android 4.4 Car Stereo

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Customers should keep their in-dash Ford Android 4.4 car stereo clean and free of dust and fingerprints. To do so, they need a dry, lint-free cloth and water.  Follow the following four-step process to clean the in-dash Ford Android 4.4 car stereo.

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  • Step 1:

For light cleaning, use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints.

  • Step 2:

For a more through cleaning, moisten a lint-free cloth with water.

  • Step 3:

Clean hard to remove dirt by scrubbing.

  • Step 4:

Allow the head unit face plate to dry.

Fingerprints and dirt can get inside the CD and DVD slots, causing potential harm to an in-dash Android 4.4 car stereo. Keeping an in-dash Android 4.4 car stereo clean can extend it’s life, saving customers both time and money.


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How to Fix a Car Head Unit That Won’t Turn On

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If your car head unit does not power on successfully, you can try the following solutions to fix the problem:


  1. Check that the 12 volt and memory wire are connected together. This is a common mistake that can cause issues to make the car head unit fail to power on.
  2. Examine your Android 4.4 car head unit plug carefully, do you see in cuts in the wiring? Does the plug look damaged? If you do see any damaged in both aspects, then replace the plug.
  3. Turn on your car ignition. Some car head units only turn on, when you turn on the ignition and start your car.
  4. Check the fuse in the head units fuse holder. If its blown replace it and you hopefully fixed it.
  5. Get a voltmeter and check the voltage on the red color wire, the wire that supplies 12 volts to the stereo. If it slows a reading of 12 volts, then it indicates you have got a good power source and its not the problem.
  6. You could have a bad ground connection. Check if the ground wire is touching the car’s mental. If there is any rust on the ground terminal, get a screwdriver and scratch it off.    Send article as PDF   

FAQ for Android Car Stereo Amplifier

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1.How can I populate my address book’s contacts into the Android car stereo universal?

A: For downloading the address book’s contacts from your phone to the radio: firstly, you need to pair your phone with the Android head unit, then please click the contacts icon and search your contacts like the following picture:

unnamed (2)Please make sure that you use the built-in contacts in your phone, otherwise it can not be searched. Also, if your smartphone runs Android 5.0 OS or above, please allow all the submissions in your phone when the stereo searches the contacts.

2.After installing the car DVD player, I can’t hear any sound through the speakers or the Bluetooth. The music is attenuated but no phone or GPS instructions can be heard. Is there a hidden menu to give more volume to GPS and Bluetooth?

A: Normally, we don’t have hidden menu to give more volume. And for setting the GPS app sound ( we pre-installed the IGO free copy version ), please check the setting below:

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)You can re-install the IGO app from our SD card to check whether it would help or not. Besides, please enter the settings=>GPS, make sure that you turn on the GPS monitoring. You can turn up the GPS mixing ratio so that the GPS sound would be louder.

As for the Bluetooth issue, if you make the phone call via Bluetooth, please well close your car windows and doors, then turn the volume of both your phone and the head unit to the middle level. You can also enter the factory setting ( the password is 126 ), and check the BT setting.

3.In case of the extra mic, how can I increase the volume ? I don’t find any possibility to adjust the mic volume in the car audio player.

A: Please use the extra mic and increase the car radio’s volume.

4.I’m not able to get torque to recognize that Bluetooth is on. Therefore, I can’t connect Bluetooth to the OBD. I can connect to it from my phone but not from the Pumpkin Car Head Unit. Is there something I can do to get this to work ?

A: For pairing the OBDII, you need to know the protocol of your car and select the correct protocol in “Torque”. Followings are the whole instruction:

①Please enter “Bluetooth ”application, then set the pairing code of the radio to the same one as the OBDII scanner’Generally, it would be 0000 or 1234. ( please try both )

②Then please open the built-in torque, choose the OBDII scanner MAC address in the application setting and choose your car protocol.

unnamed (6)5.How do I change the default music app ?

A: Since the car DVD player Bluetooth is based on Android 4.4, you can download other music player apps like Spotify in the built-in play store ( need Wifi or other Internet source ) and install it on the head unit.    Send article as PDF   


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Pumpkin Android 4.4 Kitkat Car Stereo 2/Double Din DVD GPS Navigation with 8 inch Head Unit Support 3G / WIFI / Can-Bus / OBD2 / Free Mic for VW

1 Key Features:

. Suppport Win CE System
. CPU Frequency 800MHz
. Support Can-bus
. Support 3G
. Support 1080P Video
. Support DVR

1) regarding the 3G modem: Can you tell me, how to setup such a connection, I could not find any hints in the device menu.

Normally you need a 3G dongle.then just plug and play,please make sure you can buy a 3G Internet WCDMA SIM card from your local, because our item can only support that

2) In the app drawer, there is a shortcut for “Instructions”, but when I click this icon, it just says “No file found”. Can you tell me where to get such a file or maybe instructions at all?

you tell us the SKU of this product, so we can give the solution

3) Can you tell me the maximum capacity of a microSD card, which is inserted into the device?

Normally ,we suggest you use the SD card under 32GB.

4) Do you know how to improve the Wifi connectivity range? Currently it is really bad, except I put a device right into the car. I would like to synchronize things, by driving my car in front of the window, where the wifi router is located behind.

And please close the wifi power saving mode,it mean close the “wifi optimization”.(setting —–advanced wifi—–wifi optimization)    Send article as PDF   

How to Fix These Frequent Issues of Android Car Stereo?

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Q1: I set up the date to be the GPS date. The GPS show the right hour, but on car stereo’s main menu the time is 1 hour different. The time zone is correct. Could you help me to have the right time ?

Please don’t use local time, forward or backward to adjust the time zone. You can adjust the time in Setting.

    Q2: When playing music from the SD card, the player is not moving to the next song or is getting stock after few songs. Is issues with app ? Is any update for that?

Please use the small storage SD card, preferably less than 32GB. Did you have some songs for lossless formats or other formats ? Please use the flash disk or MP3 player.

    Q3: Why the GPS of Android car DVD player can’t get signal ?

About the GPS signal, please check the following issues:

  • GPS antenna didn’t connect well with the GPS slot;
  • GPS is put to the wrong place, please put it to a good reception place;
  • Bad weather or the building around would affect the reception of the GPS, please try it another day or another place for good reception.  

  • The wire which connect the GPS slot and the mainboard is loose, please open the car stereo and check inside.

    Q4: Why the media unit of car DVD player is dead ?

Have you tried to reset the head unit? If no, please reset the unit by using a needle to press the “RST” for more than 2 seconds. Before doing this, please make sure that both your car and the head unit are turned on.

If you’ve already done above and found nothing help, please remove the car DVD player and wait for half a day, then power on and check again.

However, if it’s still nothing improve, please re-install the system according to the instruction below:

    Q5: Why the car head unit’s steering wheel buttons don’t work ?

Here is the instruction for how to set the steering wheel buttons:


unnamed (1)

    Q6: The radio tuner of Android car stereo is not working any more. It can open but is not detecting any signal.

  • Please check whether you had connected the radio antenna tightly.
  • Check the wire on the ISO cable ANT-CONT, and connect it with the blue wire on the radio antenna to power for radio.
  • Please enter the factory setup in the unit and check the radio area, the password is 126.
  • When using the radio, please turn off AF and TA option first, and then search the radio station.

    Q7: The navigation button is not working, but the navigation software works fine when I open from the touch screen, maybe I have a bad OS version. Can you send me the link for the latest one for that car head unit ?

Please back up your important files before update it.First of all, please download the installation package from!AY9TQTba!rce-Dn5dJyfTiPSm_NCRsJ6UjxMh_HaZNfraBf7tUe0

Then unzip it and copy all files to an empty SD card (notes: without folder).

After that please turn off the unit and insert the SD card to GPS slot. Last but not least, turn on the unit again to update.

    Q8: The power light of car stereo is illuminated, but the OBD2 adapter’s light don’t light up. What should I do ?

About the OBD, the normal whole instruction is :

  • Please enter our “Bluetooth”application, then set the pairing code of the radio to the same one as the OBDII scanner’ Generally it would be 0000 or 1234.( please try both )
  • Then please open the built-in torque, choose the OBDII scanner MAC address in the application setting and choose your car protocol.
  • At last, please do it step by step on this video:    Send article as PDF