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How to use EML327 OBD2 pair your car stereo

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Recently, cutomers can’t pair to their android Head Unit, so how to use EML327 OBD2 pair your car stereo?

First of all, you have EML327 OBD2 and our In-dash car DVD player. Please insert OBD2 in OBD2’s interface, then open Bluetooth and click the search button. Please wait about 2 minites until on loading is disappear, then you can see OBD II and number. Select it and press the second button on the right, like this picture.


The screen show green OBD II and OBD icon on the top of bar.
Second, Back to the main screen, find Torque APP and turn on it. You will see the blue icon is flashing, that is not matched. So you need to open setting to check Bluetooth Enabled and connection to adaper. Turn on the realtime like this


You will see the OBD is matching to your car, please waiting a moment because the OBD is matching a mass of data.

If appear this information profile:Not Setup, please click red check OBD, and click search button too. The Torque APP is being read data of car, you need to wait until it is complete. (Note: If you pair to failed, Please turn off Torque APP,then open it.)
You will see the same show when you step on the gas.



You also can watch this video to pair it.    Send article as PDF