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touchscreen car stereo

Having a touchscreen car stereo in your car

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Why place a large-screen car stereo in your dash? Fantastic appearance are an excellent place to begin, however there’s such a lot of you’ll get from a double din car stereo. you’ll see all the knowledge you wish at one look, creating it easier to stay your eyes on the road. You’ll even have enlargement choices like navigation and a rear-view camera offered to you within the future.

touchscreen car stereo


Add a rear-view camera for safety

A rear-view or backup camera will facilitate build your double-sized stereo a valuable tool against accidents, as a result of you ne’er recognize what you’ll see behind you — a pet, a velocipede rider, or perhaps legendary creature (he’s extremely shy). Its wide field of read offers a full heap additional of what’s behind you than exploitation your mirror, and you won’t need to flip your head.


Nice huge touchscreen

With an oversized screen acting as your receiver’s show, it is a lot easier to scan than the 2- or 3-line displays of typical automobile receivers. you will get pleasure from having the ability to scan additional data concerning what you are being attentive to. larger icons, split-screen capability, and additional screen land add up to a satisfying automobile audio expertise. you will be ready to keep your eyes on the road a full heap higher if you are not squinched at your show, or anticipating the data to scroll by. In fact, everything you are doing together with your receiver is simpler after you have an oversized, touchscreen interface. Here are some samples of however these receivers will build your drive a lot of easier.  For example: 10.1 inch touchscreen car stereo

 10.1 inch car radioBluetooth® usability

Bluetooth enables you to get pleasure from hands-free oral communication exploitation your compatible phone. You’ll be ready to see caller data instantly with an enormous screen in your dash, therefore you’ll keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Some receivers additionally permit audio streaming from phones.

GPS navigation

Get a stronger map read than phones or most moveable navigators will deliver. And if your receiver doesn’t feature intrinsical navigation, you may be ready to add steerage with Associate in Nursing outboard unit, or hook up with Associate in Nursing iPhone app like MotionX-GPS Drive that works over 3G signals.

car gps navigation


User-friendly HD Radio™

HD Radio broadcasts sound nice, and a double-din receiver provides far more data than an everyday stereo. You’ll see album art and station logos from choose broadcasters, plus song, creative person and album data. And you’ll tag songs for later purchase from iTunes® right the radio.

Convenient stereo controls

One of the most blessings of any big-screen car stereo is that the easy rummaging the menus. whether or not you’re searching for a song on your iPod, a favourite satellite station, or the equivalent weight settings, a big, colourful touchscreen makes finding functions intuitive and straightforward.

Dual-zone listening

If you are toting your family around, the “dual-zone” capability that some receivers supply enables you to separate the rear-seat diversion from the front. Your backseat passengers will hear their tunes or watch movies on a second monitor, whereas you hear the ballgame up front.    Send article as PDF   
2 din radio size

Car Radio: the differences between one DIN and double DIN

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Looking to buy a automotive car radio? Before you pay the large USD, save time and money: learn the variations between 1 DIN and 2 DIN to decide on the correct car radio for your automotive dash.

single_din_radioWhat will “DIN” mean?

In automotive car radios, DIN refers to the dimensions of the top unit of automotive audio and video devices. DIN stands for Deutches Institue Fur Normung, the body to blame for setting the business standards used for automotive head units worldwide.

The variations between 1-DIN and 2-DIN

For standard car radio, the form are going to be cuboid. the only DIN is that the normal measuring for a vehicle’s system. A double DIN unit (available on pumpkin car radio) are going to be doubly the peak of one DIN unit.

2 din radio size


Tips for refitting single DIN vehicles

With 1-DIN vehicles, you’ll be able to solely match one DIN car radio. you may must accurately live the front-panel of your original head unit. typically speaking, one DIN unit is cheaper thanks to having less options.

However, some one DIN units currently incorporate slide-out screens with additional practicality like associate degree electronic equipment or CD changer. for instance, the DJ7088 WCE may be a clastic front panel automotive car radio with advanced options.

Tips for refitting double DIN vehicles

If your current head unit measures roughly seven inches long and four inches tall, then it’s positively a double DIN unit, and designed to just accept single DIN and double DIN choices. However, if you simply will install one DIN unit, the correct bracket is needed together with associate degree audio equalizer (or different components) to fill the additional area.

In terms of market demand, car radios are simply the foremost widespread a pair of DIN head units. With a intrinsical bit screen, pre-installed applications, on-board navigation system, Bluetooth for smartphone integration, and more, it is simple to work out why. With spectacular feature sets, each the driving force and passengers will get pleasure from an expensive audio-visual expertise for each journey.

10.1_inch_car_radio_2Wrap up

The only distinction is that the size (height) of the car radio. whereas some variation exists in terms of internal hardware, each choices give similar audio quality and options. it is not attainable to once and for all state whether or not for one DIN and 2 DIN that one is healthier – but, if space permits, most drivers can tend to decide on the double DIN choice to profit of the additional practicality and easy use.    Send article as PDF   

Essential Safety Features: Car DVD Players

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If you’re in the market for a new car and you can afford a fully-loaded top-end model with all the bells and whistles, that’s great. But for the average Joe (or Jane), the price is a consideration and it’s difficult to sift through all the jargon car salesmen confuse you with. So, what are the essential safety features in cars that prevent accidents? Which new auto technologies are pure gimmicks and which ones save lives? Here are some essential safety features your car should have.



Even the least expensive cars these days have at least two front airbags. In the event of high-speed or high-impact collisions, airbags are only second to seat belts in saving the lives of front seat passengers. The latest auto technologies include airbags that deploy on the windscreen of the car to protect a pedestrian who may get hit while crossing the street.

Back-Up Camera


A dashboard display of what’s behind the vehicle comes on as soon as you put your car in reverse. Some back-up cameras include trajectory lines and distance readings to help you navigate, but more importantly, this technology prevents you from inadvertently running someone over (there have been instances when a parent backed up a large SUV over their own toddler in their own driveway). The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) will make back-up cameras compulsory in all vehicles by 2018.

Fatigue Detection Systemsautopumpkin-123 autopumpkin-124

Drivers drifting off to speed are a danger to themselves as well as others on the road. New car technologies detect erratic driving, such as sudden deceleration or drifting, and warn the driver with an audio or visual alert. This safety feature is especially important for people who spend long hours on the road alone, such as truck drivers. More expensive models in passenger cars are able to profile a driver’s normal driving patterns and quickly detect any deviation from the baseline, even factoring in external factors such as road surface and crosswinds.

Parental Controls

Parents of teen drivers can rest a little easier when their young driver heads out of the door with car keys in hand. Parental control technology for safety in automobiles allows parents to place limits on the vehicle’s speed and audio volume. The system can also be programmed to sound a continuous alarm if seat belts remain unfastened after the vehicle begins moving. GPS vehicle tracking allows parents to track the vehicle in real time.

Blind Spot Detector

If you’ve ever started to switch lanes but jerked back into your lane because a car was in your blind spot, you’ll know the value of a new technology called blind spot detector. This feature sets off an audio or visual alert if there’s a car in the driver’s blind spot. Some systems can also detect bicycles and pedestrians outside the driver’s field of vision.

Car DVD Players: 


Nowadays, there isn’t a home without a car DVD player, but one of the latest and coolest ways to electronically enhance your life is installing one into your car! Car DVD players come in all different varieties and prices, but even the cheapest ones will send you into movie viewer heaven!

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