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What’s the difference between pumpkin Android 4.4 Kitkat System 6.2” and 6.95” Headunit

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Recently, there are many customers ask what’s the difference between pumpkin Android 4.4 kitkat system 6.2” and 6.95”, which also mean what’s the difference between pumpkin KD-C0223 and KD-C0224. Well, most of the two units functions are the same. The biggest difference between these two units is the screen size, KD-C0223 Screen size is 6.2 inch, KD-C0224 screen size is 6.95 inch. What’s more, KD-C0223 support 7 kinds button light color adjusted, KD-C0224 only support blue color and come with a free mic to improve the phone invoice quality when customer use the hand free bluetooth call. So the price of the two units also different.


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RDS Radio data system in car stereo

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At present, All car DVD Player can support RDS Radio function. It plays an important role in the car entertainment. RDS Radio data system can display received show the broadcast name and other information. It can find what you need the radio broadcast show via program type. If you listen the music shows, it can display the song and artist name on the stereo screen. It can automatically search radio station and you can press already searched radio station for long time( normal above 3 second), the station is saved. If you listening the traffic broadcast station, you can know more traffic knowledge and road condition, it is good for transportation safety.

This is our car DVD player RDS radio data system frequency range:AM/ FM Tuner(Worldwide)AM frequency range: Europe(522-1620), America(530-1710), Russia(522-1620), 18 stations preset. FM Tuning range: Europe(87.5-108), America(87.5-107.9), Russia(65.0-108.0)

RDS radio data system

The following information fields are normally contained in the RDS data:
AF (alternative frequencies)
This allows a receiver to re-tune to a different frequency providing the same station when the first signal becomes too weak (e.g., when moving out of range). This is often utilized in car stereo systems.
CT (clock time)
Can synchronize a clock in the receiver or the main clock in a car. Due to transmission vagaries, CT can only be accurate to within 100 ms of UTC.
EON (enhanced other networks)
Allows the receiver to monitor other networks or stations for traffic programmes, and automatically temporarily tune into that station.
PI (programme identification)
This is the unique code that identifies the station. Every station receives a specific code with a country prefix. In the US, PI is determined by applying a formula to the station’s call sign.
PS (programme service)
This is simply an eight-character static display that represents the call letters or station identity name. Most RDS capable receivers display this information and, if the station is stored in the receiver’s presets, will cache this information with the frequency and other details associated with that preset.
PTY (programme type)
This coding of up to 31 pre-defined programme types (e.g., in Europe: PTY1 News, PTY6 Drama, PTY11 Rock music) allows users to find similar programming by genre. PTY31 seems to be reserved for emergency announcements in the event of natural disasters or other major calamities.
REG (regional)
This is mainly used in countries where national broadcasters run “region-specific” programming such as regional opt-outs on some of their transmitters. This functionality allows the user to “lock-down” the set to their current region or let the radio tune into other region-specific programming as they move into the other region.
RT (radio text)
This function allows a radio station to transmit a 64-character free-form text that can be either static (such as station slogans) or in sync with the programming (such as the title and artist of the currently playing song).
TA, TP (traffic announcement, traffic programme)
The receiver can often be set to pay special attention to this flag and, for example, stop the tape/pause the CD or retune to receive a traffic bulletin. The TP flag is used to allow the user to find only those stations that regularly broadcast traffic bulletins whereas the TA flag is used to signal an actual traffic bulletin in progress, with radio units perhaps performing other actions such as stopping a cassette tape (so the radio can be heard) or raising the volume during the traffic bulletin.
So you can see RDS radio data system is very usefull and important in car stereo. It is widely used Europe, America and Russia. Welcom to visit to our site get more car stereo:    Send article as PDF   

What kind of Car GPS Navigation is the Best?

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Sometimes plug and play gps navigations is not work, it is caused by various reasons. In order to avoid this problem, offer to buy car GPS dvd player suggestions, as follows:

First, the product works is key. Even the quality can not be assured how easy to use, the more do not talk to after-sale service. There are lots of surface looks like GPS, but quality is far from. You can pay attention to observe the machine closed, SD card slot, USB interface, headset interface and so on.

Second, GPS satellite search speed in the tens of seconds, the seach speed is an important standard to measure the quality of GPS navigation product. Positioning time GPS during cold start is generally 30 seconds to 2 minutes, hot start is generally 10~30 seconds before. The so-called cold start, refers to restart the GPS connection, it determines the position of the time required for now. Hot start is not restart the state star search time.

Third, the appearance of the product. At present, GPS navigation equipment the main screen is 6 or 7 inches and screen can touch. Under normal circumstance, the driver in the driving process has most no chance to see the GPS map, all is according to the navigator voice and driving.

Fourth, all accessories products supporting: to have a look the related accessies such as data cable, stylus, GPS antenna, Free map card, manual is complete.

Fifth, navigation map is the core of GPS product. Navigator is good, the most crucial map. We can offer the up to date map and you need to us for download to it.

Sixth, listen to the voice playback: in the purchase of GPS, must carefully test for speech intelligibility, listen to the sound is clear, there is no distortion. At the same time to test the GPS broadcast content is accurate. The best in the relatively noisy environment, taking away from their 1 metres distance test shall prevail.

Now recommend this one is high quality to you. It has the many key feature like: 6.2 inch HD capacitive touch screen, Cortex A9 dual-core 1.6GHz, Ram Samsung DDR3 1GB, 8GB menory, support both 3G and wifi, Support OBD2, Support 1080P video, Support DVR, 4GB Free map card, AV-IN for reverse camera etc.

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The Best Car GPS Navigation For your beloved BMW E39 Series

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If you feel boring when you are driving BMW car in a long journey. If you can’t drive out without a car navigation. You should buy a car navigation system guidance route for you. Navigation is not only a navigation, you can do it still has a lot of functionality. So to follow in the footsteps of I take a look at the other.

Now, recommend to you a in-dash dvd player for BMW E39 series. There are few pure android car radio in the market now. Now we have it. This is the latest pure android 4.2 GPS dvd player. Adding the android OS to a car radio, this pure android opens up a whole world of possibilitis with Android’s capability to customize and expand. On the top of the regular multimedia capabilities of a car radio, you can now download your own favorite apps, play android games that everybody is playing, and surf the internet with high speed 3G/WIFI. The pure android meets every need of kids, the adults, the driver, and the passengers. Finally a car radio that transforms each drive an entertaining experience for everyone in the car.

BMW car dvd player

The BMW E39 GPS DVD has a lot of unexpected features some of them are you. You’ll never have to worry about loosing your way, where’s the next turn, fumbling around with a street directory, this head unit is not only capable of telling you which turn to take next, but also providing detailed mapping of your route via the 7 inch touch screen.

It provides support for vector graphics through open VG1.1 and 3D graphics.

After you connect a 3G dangle, you can use this unit as a Wifi hotspot, then other people can use your hotspot to surf the internet.

For this unit, it can work with most of Bluetooth ELM327 ODB2 dongle in the market, retrieving realtime data and trouble codes from your vehicles computer. You can buy the dongle from us, please search “OBD2 Scanner” it on our store or contact us.

Support 3G WCDMA/ CDMA2000/ TD-SDMA via 3G dongle or via phone as Wifi hotspot.(This product don’t have 3G dongle. If you need 3G dongle, please contact us)

The high resolution color TFT LCD (800*480)display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music with the same “real life”rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints.

This DVD player is compatible with most DVD, VCD, CD discs in the market.

Built in Bluetooth for hands free calling and music playback. Support DVR function, ipod audio input, RDS Radio DATA System and 1080P video.

Steering wheel remote adaptor ready to take control of you music safely on the move. With this function, you can intently focus straight ahead, which will make the driving safer.

Also support rear camera input, automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car.

So get the best android GPS navigation For your beloved BMW E39 Series from    Send article as PDF   

How to choose the car gps navigation system

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Now, in-dash dvd player navigation system basically became a car driving auxiliary tool. You are not familiar with roads and how to arrived its destination if you drove up to the strange city. This time you should need a car gps navigation to accompany you. Used car navigation can greatly improve the efficiency, and even help us to ensure the safety of driving.

Car gps navigation systems currently has many kinds, The use of hardware is mainly divided into independent automotive navigation systems and mobile phone navigation systems.

This paper mainly discusses is independent automotive navigation. The independent car navigator have roughly from built in operating system in use is: Win CE system and Android syatem.

For in car navigation systems on the aftermarket of the most popular is the Win CE system. The use of Windows CE, not only can stably navigation, also support the market for most major navigation software, mature and stable. However , the windows CE software expansibility is not good. In addition to professional navigation software, other entertainment is not abundant. (though many independent GPS has built in rich software, such as game, music player and electronic reader).

windows ce car gps  system

If you want to buy a stable and mature navigator, then select the windows CE system is a quite good choice.

For android navigation system, Except the navigation outside, also can be installed at present many android application software. Installed software to play games, listen to music and even the internet.

android GPS system

Using android system, GPS system has been the equivalent of a tablet computer. If you value GPS navigation scalability(for example, want to install the game and other software), then choose android system using the navigator is the good choice.

No matter which type of navigation you want, to test the actual positioning accuracy. General good navigation performance in half minite and positioning accuracy.    Send article as PDF