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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】KD-C0223 Universal 6.2 Inch Double Din Android 4.4 Car Head Unit

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This could end up being a 5-star product if I can get some of the idiosyncrasies ironed out.

—- By G3
  • Pros:
First off: It’s installed and fired up beautifully, no problems at all. The wires are all ISO color-coded, and I made no mistakes connecting everything (Huzzah!). All of the applications worked right first time —-radio, GPS, Bluetooth hands-free, etc. Oh and BTW, the GPS is amazing at signal acquisition. I’m used to Garmin taking a while to get a position, especially after sitting unpowered for some days. But this Android 4.4 unit found satellites and got a position after only a minute or so, even after being shipped across 10 time zones! And it picks up a good GPS constellation even under my carport.
  • Cons:
My current complaints are few and minor: the audio has a hiss in it, and I see that Pumpkin has a power filter (free) to solve this issue. The GPS does not seem to have a “north up” setting, which I much prefer over “track up”. Also, the existing GPS software has map colors that are very poorly chosen. It’s almost impossible to see secondary roads, and I may have to change that software before all is said and done.
The physical unit is fairly large, around 4″ vertical dimension, and it was a very snug squeeze in my Ford Ranger console —- but it worked.
The Android system is fairly conventional, but with all the apps and configurations, it’s sometimes puzzling as to where to find a particular setting. Time will iron this out. Nice to have “home” buttons both on the touch screen and the push-buttons.
  • Overall
I’m overall quite pleased, ESPECIALLY for the price. I expect to have a lot of fun with this.

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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】KD-C0224 Universal 6.95 Inch 2 Din Android 4.4 Head Unit

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If you’ve seen the reviews and like what you see and just skeptical because it’s not a popular name brand, I am writing this review to tell you to buy this unit, you will not regret it.

By Ryan Huey

  • Radio Reception

I read a lot about bad reception. I live 60 miles out of Houston, TX and the reception is just as good as my factory radio. Maybe very slightly less, but all the major radio stations come in perfect.

  • WiFi Hotspot

When I run the hotspot on my G5, it works fine. The apps are just as fast as my phone.

  • GPS Navigation

The iGo Nav app that comes with it was a lot better than I anticipated. When I don’t have the hotspot on, it’s definitely sufficient. I prefer Google Maps (when you first open, scroll down to accept terms, it took me a minute to figure that out). Finally, you can do a real map research, this is so much better than my Infinity Nav System.


I bought a cheap OBDII Scan Tool and set it up through Bluetooth (PIN 1234), downloaded Torque, and it runs great. Still haven’t had time to set it all up yet, but it’s very cool for $15 for tool and app.

  • Pandora

I downloaded Pandora and it works great. It’s much quieter than the radio, so the radio was loud when I switched back. There are setting to change volume settings for the different modes to fix that.

  • Steering Wheel Control

I used the Axxess programmer to set up the steering wheel buttons (brown wires to “key” 1&2 brown wires). Got instructions from the AXXESS website for my vehicle and it was fairly easy to program. I like that you have many options to program buttons to something else. I used my “MODE” button for “HOME”. That way if I want to open an app while driving, I hit MODE (HOME) and I have the apps I use driving on the HOME screen, so I just need to glance down onece and push it. Otherwise, you have to look over, hit HOME button, scroll to find the app, and then push it. I got the 6.95″ Android 4.4 head unitbecause I have volume buttons on my steering wheel control. Otherwise I probably would have gone with the unit with a volume knob. There are volume buttons, but you’d almost have to look down every time to use them.

  • In Conclusion

This radio may not have everything you’d dream of and may not be set up exactly the way you want, but it’s SOOOO much better than any of the mainstream radios out there. If you’re like me and have priced the mainstream radios with Nav from $800-$1000, you’ll think there’s no way this is good quality for under $400. I don’t know if it’s Bose quality, but it’s damn good.

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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】KD-C0532 Unboxing Ford Mondeo/S-max/Focus/Galaxy 7″ Android 4.4 Double Din Car Stereo

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Any Ford Mondeo/S-max/Focus/Galaxy owner will go crazy for this awesomely and well thought-out car stereo (KD-C0532) that fits perfectly into the car’s 2 DIN dashboard slot. This car stereo is packed with specifications and even have the latest Android 4.4 operating system to allow the user to have full control. With an Android OS,  the user can access the Google Play Store to download and install apps that will keep them entertained. Thanks Benjamin Päper for sharing these awesome KD-C0532 pictures, enjoy!

Ford 7 Inch Android 4.4 Double Din Car Stereo (KD-C0532) Unboxing



Unboxing time! The first thing in the box—-a letter from Autopumpkin.


The car stereo is properly packed in soft foam with the ISO cables on top.

ISO cables

At the bottom of the box, we have iPod cables,  Remote Control and GPS antenna etc.

remote control

gps antenna

The car stereo itself.


Here’s some pics after installation:

It fits perfectly in my Ford Mondeo.

fits perfectly

Play music from my USB flash.

play music from my usb flash

The Torque app. It can Support OBD 2.

support obd2 torque

AM/FM Radio


AV-IN for Reverse Camera

av in for reverse camera

All features of this stereo works as advertised, so I highly recommend it as a replacement for Ford car.
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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】KD-C0234 Universal 6.2″ HD Touchscreen Android 4.4 Quad-core Double Din Car Stereo

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Great head unit (KD-C0234) for the price. Can’t find anything like this from the name brand companies like Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, etc. Pumpkin is way ahead of their competition.
By Dan J


There are lots of great features, these are a few of the better ones.
  • Android 4.4 operating system. (just the fact that it’s an Android head unit is awesome)
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi. Being a quad-core tablet I get all of the advantages of my Android smart phone that I previously using in my car (for music, surf on the internet etc) via Bluetooth, built right into the dash of my car. I can add a back and/or  front facing camera, a wireless hot-spot, rear screens for the DVD to entertain the younger family members, tethering to my phone by hot-spot for Bluetooth, the potential is only limited by the accessories available in the marketplace.
  • GPS works great. I have used the stock app iGo, Google maps and Waze (my prefered GPS app). All work quite well.
  • Has everything and more than the most expensive name brand car radios. All of the features of the unit work as advertised, but the expansion possibilities are fantastic. Android is definitely the future of car head units!
  • Since I can have my ECU logging software (torque and BtSsm) running on there without needing anything extra hooked up, it’s very awesome. Makes for a very clean setup.


Don’t get discouraged by this list of Cons, this head unit has a lot going for it.
  • Music player app doesn’t display ID3 tags, only display file name.
  • Unable to fast-forward or change the position of the song being played.
  • The front bezel is slightly larger (in that it’s not recessed like American double din units), so I had to modify my dash kit just slightly.


This is a really cool head unit, it’s quick, very responsive and has many many great features; but it needs some software flaws fixed and few hardware issues fixed. If you can deal with the flaws it has, you will have a lot of fun with this. As time goes, I hope that some of these software issues get resolved because I really like this head unit.
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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】JY-C0662 Toyota 6.2 Inch HD Touchscreen 2 DIN Android Car Stereo

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Here’s my experience so far as I have only had this unit (JY-C0662) installed for a few days:
By CoyoteAssassin


  • Very fast shipping, I think it arrived in 4 days from China.
  • The build is very good and solid. Buttons give good feel and the unit overall looks professional. Just remember this is not a top of the line Pioneer, Alpine etc, so don’t get too picky… Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Easy install… It doesn’t get much easier than this. The unit comes with the Toyota harness adapter and will plug directly into yours…Period. No bezel is required as mine fit the dash perfectly as if it was made by Toyota for the FJ cruiser. Only thing you’ll need to do is to either grind or flatten several centering dimples on the brackets as they don’t have a place to sit on the HU. Took me 2 min with a ball-peen hammer a few love taps on the vice and voila. The factory HU uses 4 bolts per side but mine could “only” accommodate 3 per side… I hope it doesn’t fall out! hahah
  • Back-lighting…The description of the unit gives the impression that there are only a handful of colors to choose from, but I found that the color is infinitely adjustable and I was able to match the factory dash back-lighting with no problem.
  • It’s Android…So with an internet connection, you can connect to the Google Play Store and download apps to your heart’s content. I would recommend replacing the stock launcher with something else… I am using Nova and it works much nicer and smoother. The installed radio app, GPS (iGo), video player etc… all work good.
  • Steering wheel controls worked perfect… You just program them in the software settings.

Not so good/ But not so bad

  • I lost the subwoofer functionality, but I think it’s just a matter of connecting power to the correct wire….Pending…… Fixed!
  • Memory Card. Recently installed a 32 GB micro SD card to hold my music, photos, videos, etc… 32 GB is the largest this system will accept, at least that is what they say.





GPS Navigation







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