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Tips On Installing Android BMW Navigation System DVD Player

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More and more BMW X5 E53 owners prefer to upgrading the factory car stereo with an aftermarket one which has DVD player and GPS navigation system built-in,such as Pumpkin Android BMW navigation dvd,wince 6.0 BMW navigation car dvd. And some of these people would like to install the new replacement by themselves, but there may be some problems during installation if you have never installed an aftermarket car gps dvd palyer before. We write this post to introduce you some tips on installation of Pumpkin android 5.1 BMW Car Navigation GPS DVD Player.

If your BMW X5 e53 just comes with factory car radio and CD player in dash, there’s a plastic cage inside of the dashboard as you can see after you take out the factory radio and CD, if you don’t remove this cage, you may think it does not fit into the opening of the original entry, the new BMW navigation dvd unit can not be pushed entirely into the dashboard, see pics below:


Don’t worry, there are two methods which can allow you to push the new BMW X5 navigation car dvd into the dashboard fully. Some installers just cut the plastic cage, and others remove it.

In order to remove the plastic cage, firstly take off the 4 screws that hold the cage in place, 2 on the right side, and 2 on the left side (same as right side). The following pictures are for your reference:




You need to pull down and slightly left the dash part which is close to the steering wheel. When you are doing this, use your other hand to push down in the middle of the opening where the cage is, and as you opened/pulled the dash/trim this far, you are able to hold it with one hand in this position and start wiggling the cage with your other hand. When are doing this, some force is necessary, but not too much. Once you start playing with it, you will get the jest on how to pull out the hooks, then as you have the left hook out, you now pull to a side and down on the right side (glove compartment side) to clear the other hook.

Once you removed the plastic cage, you are able to push into the new unit into the dash fully. And you will need to use the included iron frame support to fix the new unit to the dash, you may check the following photo as referrence.

If your BMW X5 E53 comes with factory navigation system, there’s a large screen in the dash, the 17pins(before year 2002) or 40pins(after year 2002) plug is not at the back of your factory radio, it’s located under the trunk, so you need to use a 5m long power cable with 17pins or 40pins plug to connect the correct plug under the trunk.

The following video may help you about that!


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Making it Easier for Using Car DVD Players

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One of the rarest components in web based business is trust.Clients should have a lot of trust to hand over cash to some more odd they have never found in the vain any desire for getting what they have paid for. The most ideal approach to lay their brains very still is by giving them data or noting their inquiries in a way that demonstrates that you hear what you’re saying.

On the off chance that you are offering auto DVD players on line we are here to offer assistance. We have given a valuable “cut-out and keep” FAQ record that you can glue onto any car DVD posting you may have.

Will the auto DVD player fit in my auto?

Regardless of whether this DVD player fits into your auto relies on upon two things, the Commotion size of the gap in your dashboard and the profundity of your dashboard.

Commotion is basically the German truncation for Deutsche Industrie Norm. It is the German Business Standard for every single car parts and numerous other mechanical and electrical segments. The one that influences you is 1 din and 2 din and it depicts the width and stature of all car DVD players and auto stereos.

In the event that there is a bigger squarish gap in your dash then you will have a 2 Din Car Stereo gap, on the off chance that it is long and limit then it is a 1 Commotion opening. Unless you need to do some redesigning deal with your dash it may be a smart thought to get the correct size Commotion.

Be that as it may, the Clamor just covers the stature and the width of the auto DVD. The perfect approach is to look through the auto proprietor manual for the estimations of your auto dash and after that stack that up against the measurements of the auto DVD from this posting or from the maker’s site. In the event that it is too long then it won’t not be the best model to pick.

Is it difficult to introduce a DVD player in my auto?

Introducing an auto DVD player is not a simple thing to do, particularly on the off chance that you have not done anything like it some time recently. It would presumably be savvy to request that an expert do the establishment as opposed to doing it without anyone else’s help.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you feel sufficiently secure that you can do it without anyone’s help there are numerous sites that, alongside the auto DVD player directions, will get you through the establishment procedure. Ensure you read and see the greater part of the directions before proceeding with the establishment. Guarantee you have given yourself enough time to take care of business.

Introducing a DVD player in an auto isn’t an occupation you can do overnight on the off chance that you haven’t done it some time recently.

How would I combine my Blue tooth telephone with the auto DVD player?

It is not hard to match auto DVD players and blue tooth mobile phones. There are two essential stages to the procedure.

* Preparing the car DVD.

* Setting up the phone.

Setting up the auto DVD for blue tooth is as simple as going into the blue tooth menu. You may need to press “match” on the auto DVD when you are in the blue tooth screen.

You should discover the Bluetooth menu on the telephone to combine it. This might be on the fundamental menu, however in the event that it isn’t it will be in either an availability menu or a settings menu then network.

At that point you should make the accompanying strides:

* Switch on the blue tooth work.

* Guarantee that the telephone is “unmistakable” to other blue tooth gadgets.

* Locate any blue tooth gadgets inside the scope of the telephone’s blue tooth work.

* Select the auto DVD player. It might be called ‘auto unit’.

* Enter your watchword (you will discover this in the mobile phone’s proprietor’s manual).

Since you have glued these answers onto your auto DVD players postings your clients will be sufficiently certain to purchase auto DVD players off you, keep on dealing with you in future and educate their companions regarding your business.

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How to Install an Auto Overhead DVD Player

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You want to make travel time more enjoyable for you and your little ones, so you decided on an entertainment system. Deciding to install an overhead DVD system can be rewarding in the long run, but complex in the beginning. A novice can complete this type of project, but some experience in this subject will make the process go more quickly. Either way you will save installation cost. You may also be able to seek installation support through the company you purchased the system from. Take your time and it will pay off on those long family travel trips.

Decide where you want to place the overhead DVD system. Determine the best position for everyone in the rear to easily see the DVD screen. You may need to remove your dome light.

Outline the bracket that came with the 2 Din Android Car DVD GPS on the headliner of your vehicle where you decided to place the overhead DVD player. Makes sure the outline is centered from both sides of the vehicle.

Partially drop the headliner of the vehicle. Only one side of the headliner needs to be dropped just enough to bring the wires through. Unscrew the driver’s side or the passenger side sun visor that the fuse box is located on. Disconnect the vanity light by gently pulling the connectors. Pry off the upper and lower pillar trim panel on the same side from which you removed the sun visor with the flathead screwdriver. You may need to remove the seat belt if it is attached to the upper pillar. The seat belt is usually secured with a head or Torx bolt. Remove any screws and retaining clips. Unscrew the kick panel over the fuse box and place the panel to the side.

Cut out the outline on the headliner. Ensure that a support beam runs across the area where you intend to mount the overhead DVD player. If there is no beam, you will need to glue the wood rail to the roof of the vehicle.

Use the bracket to mark at least four drill holes on the wood or support beam. Make sure to drill the holes centered on the beam.

Run the wires that came with the overhead DVD player through the headliner. Leave enough slack to connect to the DVD player. Follow the instructions and use the hardware that came with the overhead DVD player. Some units will requires you to connect all wiring to the DVD player before mounting. You will hide the wires behind the panels you removed.

Mount the bracket carefully using the short screws that came with the overhead DVD player. Connect the dome wires to the appropriate wires as described in the instructions that came with the overhead DVD player.

Connect the power and audio wires as detailed in the manufacturer’s instructions. All wires must be connected to a 12-volt source except the black one. It must be grounded. You can use any screw to ground the black wire. Use the wire crimper to cut the wires and use the electrical tape to secure wire connections. Place the FM modulator under the seat nearest to where you took off the panels.

Run the audio cable to the FM modulator. Set the modulator at one of the radio signals stated on the modulator. Securely place the wires loosely where the panels will be replaced. Secure all panels, seat belt and headliner back into place.

Tips & Warnings

Do not over tighten the car android dvd player. It could cause the screen to warp.
Installation can take up to four hours or more.

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Customer Review on Pumpkin 2GB RAM Android 5.1 Car Stereo Universal 2 Din

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► Scope of delivery
– 7 Inch Touchscreen Radio
– 2x ISO Cabel
– External Microphone
– GPS Antenna
– Wifi / 3G LTE Antenna
– 3G module
– AUX Cabel
– Android Manual
– Assembly instructions
– Warranty card

► Material/quality/appearance/processing
The processing of the Pumpkin radio is very high quality, you notice this immediately when you unpack it.The radio has a matte black finish. The knobs and buttons are very stable, feel comfortable and have a good press point.The silver chrome accents look unique.Once turn on the radio, you’ll be convinced by the great 7-inch display with the nice tidy homescreen.

Through the touch screen in combination with the ‘real’ buttons,the radio is really a perfect device, you can control without direct viewing. You can change the home button color in the system.

► Technical data

The radio has a quad-core (cortex A9 Sofia3GR) with 1.6 GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM and the internal memory is 16 GB.With this data, the Android 5.1 system running fluidly and without problems. You can install and play current games on the radio.

The radio supports GPS (preloaded with the Google maps APP), Bluetooth, steering wheel remote control, Wi-Fi, 3 G, FM, am, RDS, OBD2


Through the supplied GPS antenna,the navigation runs very well.The site search takes just a few seconds after switching on and is extremely accurate.  I have experienced no GPS dropouts. Together with the Google Maps app, the navigation is super easy to adjust because it works like the route planner on the PC or on the phone.

The radio has a TF card reader. This reads standard micro SD card which is used for the extension of the store. (E.g. maps for different countries)

► FM Radio

The radio works fine, it is easy to use. You can save 5 radio stations on the quick selection box and many more on the detailed program page.

In particular, I find that you can control the volume via the buttons. So you can look the radio even without use. This is definitely a plus point of this radio model

► Sound quality

The radio impresses me not only with its easy operation, but also by a super sound.The radio has 4 audio outputs with each “real” 50 watt.The heights are very clear and the basses have a rich sound.

► Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection is initialized in a few seconds the first time. Each additional time you have to do nothing more.The phone will connect automatically when it is in range of the car. This is very handy, then the radio has a speakerphone and it is activated directly when it is connected via Bluetooth.
You will never lose a thought if you get a call in the car, whether you take the phone in your hand or used or the headset. 

► Wifi, Wlan, 3G
The radio convinces with extremely many high-end features. So, as a Wi-Fi access inside the car radio can build up. Friends and family can connect to it and thus surf the Internet over 3G.

► Operating system
The OS is Android 5.1 lollipop. Overall the UI is very easy.You can choose between two surface design. Personalize you can the radio of course, E.g. with an own background image.

Of course, that you can install using the APKInstaller normal APPs from the store of the play on the radio is a highlight of the radio.There are no limits: games/games, other navigation apps or speed camera apps are only a small part of the practical application for the radio.

My Special favorite app is the app with voice control. As a result, you can enable the Google search when driving or start also a navigation.

► Suitable Cars
The radio has a 2 DIN standard form and thus fits in much cars.

► Conclusion
Overall, the price/performance ratio of this radio is not to beat. He keeps everything he promises and can be controlled touch screen through the incredibly easy. He has extremely many features that were described above.

Get more details about this head unit here:

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Kundenmeinung auf Pumpkin 2GB RAM Android 5.1 Autoradio Doppel Din

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 2GB RAM Android 5.1 Autoradio

► Lieferumfang
– 7 Zoll Touchscreen Radio
– 2x ISO Kabel
– externes Mikrofon
– GPS Antenne
– Wifi / 3G LTE Antenne
– 3G Modul
– AUX Kabel
– Android Bedienungsanleitung
– Montageanleitung
– Garantiekarte

► Material/Qualität/Optik/Verarbeitung
Die Verarbeitung des Pumpkin Radios ist sehr hochwertig, dies merkt man sofort, wenn man ihn auspackt. Der Radio hat eine mattschwarze Oberfläche. Die Knöpfe und Tasten sind sehr stabil, fühlen sich angenehm an und haben einen guten Drückpunkt. Die silber-verchromten Akzente sehen einmalig aus.
Sobald der Radio an ist, überzeugt er mit dem tollen 7 Zoll Display und dem schön aufgeräumten Homescreen.

Durch den Touchscreen in Verbindung mit den „echten“ Tasten ist der Radio wirklich ein perfektes Gerät, das man auf ohne direktes Ansehen steuern kann. Die Home-Taste kann man farblich im System ändern.

► Technische Daten
Der Radio hat einen Quad-Core (Cortex A9 Sofia3GR) mit 1,6 GHz, 2 GB DDR3 Ram und der interne Speicher beträgt 16 GB.

Mit diesen Daten läuft das Android 5.1 System flüssig und ohne Probleme. Auch aktuelle Spiele kann man auf dem Radio installieren und spielen.

Der Radio unterstützt GPS (mit der Google Maps APP vorinstalliert), Bluetooth, Lenkradfernbedienung, Wlan, 3G, FM, Am, RDS, OBD2

Durch die mitgelieferte GPS Antenne läuft das Navigation System sehr gut. Die Standortfindung dauert nur wenige Sekunden nach einschalten und ist extrem akkurat. Ich habe keine GPS Aussetzer erlebt. Zusammen mit der Google Maps App, ist die Navigation super einfach einzustellen, da es wie der Routenplaner am PC oder auf dem Handy funktioniert.

Der Radio verfügt über einen TF-Card Reader. Dieser liest handelsübliche Micro-SD Card welche zur Erweiterung des Speichers dient. (z.B. Kartenmaterial für verschiedene Länder)

► FM-Radio
Der Radio funktioniert gut, er ist leicht zu bedienen. Man kann 5 Radiosender auf das Schnellwahlfeld und viele mehr auf die ausführliche Programm-Seite einspeichern.

Ganz besonders finde ich, dass man die Lautstärke auch per Knöpfe steuern kann. So kann man den Radio auch ohne hinsehen bedienen. Dies ist definitiv ein Plus-Punkt dieses Radiomodells

► Soundqualität
Der Radio überzeugt nicht nur mit der leichten Bedienung, sondern auch durch einen super Klang. Der Radio hat 4 Audioausgänge mit jeweils „echten“ 50 Watt. Die Höhen sind sehr klar und die Bässe haben einen satten Ton. Das Sounderlebnis kann man mit einer Equalizer App, die auf dem Gerät schon vorinstalliert ist, verfeinern und nach seinem Geschmack ändern

► Bluetooth
Die Bluetooth Verbindung ist in wenigen Sekunden das erste Mal initialisiert. Jedes weitere Mal muss man nichts mehr tun. Das Handy verbindet sich automatisch, wenn man in Reichweite des Autos ist. Dies ist sehr praktisch, dann der Radio besitzt eine Freisprecheinrichtung und diese wird direkt aktiviert, wenn man per Bluetooth verbunden ist. Man muss nie mehr einen Gedanken verlieren sobald man einen Anruf im Auto bekommt, ob man das Handy in die Hand nimmt oder doch das Headset verwendet.
► Wifi, Wlan, 3G
Der Radio überzeugt mit extrem vielen High-End Funktionen. So kann der Radio z.B. ein WLan im Autoinnenraum aufbauen. Freunde und Familie können sich darauf verbinden und damit surfen über 3G surfen

► Betriebssystem
Das Betriebssystem ist Android 5.1 Lollipop. Insgesamt ist die Benutzeroberfläche sehr übersichtlich gehalten. Man kann zwischen zwei Oberflächendesign wählen. Personalisieren kann man den Radio natürlich auch, z.B. mit einem eigenen Hintergrundbild.

Ein Highlight des Radios ist natürlich, dass man mittels dem APKInstaller ganz normale APPs aus dem Playstore auf dem Radio installieren kann. Hier sind keine Grenzen gesetzt: Spiele/Games, andere Navigations-Apps oder Blitzer-Apps sind nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt der praktischen Anwendung für das Radio.

Meine ganz besondere Favorit-App ist die Google-App mit Sprachsteuerung. Dadurch kann man beim Fahren die Google Suche aktivieren oder auch eine Navigation starten.

► Einbau und Anschluss
Der Einbau des Radios war sehr schnell, da der Radio eine gute Passform hat. Einfach alten ausbauen, den Pumpkin Radio mit den mitgelieferten ISO Kabeln anschließen, in den DIN Rahmen stecken und mit zwei Schrauben fixieren. Der komplette Einbau dauert keine 30 Minuten.

► passende Autos

Der Radio hat eine 2 Din Standardform und passt somit in viel Autos.

► Unboxing Video
Sehen Sie sich gerne das Unboxing, Review und Funktionsvideo an.

► Fazit
Insgesamt ist das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis dieses Radios nicht zu schlagen. Er hält alles was er verspricht und lässt sich durch das Touchscreen unglaublich leicht steuern. Er hat extrem viele Funktionen, die oben beschrieben wurden.

–Von Bernie S

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