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  1. I have just received my pumpkin 10.1 hd 1080p mp5 and I am missing a proper user manual. Would you pelease send me a copy of the complete manual vía email?

  2. Daer frend
    Please. Maybe someone can help ….. I have a double din car.
      As the model KD-C0223. But with mcu v2.8.8
    android 4.2.2 – CPU cortax A9 …. Bluetooth and wifi does not work. i’am can’t surf the Internet
    Please help me ….. many thanks to you

  3. Hello.

    I have the rq0264 it should have rds.
    But i cant find any button to control it.
    And it looks like it doesnt have rds because the radio doesnt go to another frequentie.

    So how does it work?

  4. Hi there,
    I purchased the LM-W0414 head unit and I need a manual or wiring diagram.
    I’m a bit confused to where they all go

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