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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】KD-C0660 Toyota Prius 8 Inch 2 Din Android 4.4 Head Unit

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This Android 4.4 head unit (KD-C0660) is awesome! If you’re on the fence or are worried about quality, don’t. I’ve been using it for several months and it works great. All the features work as advertised. It works with my steering wheel controls, and also work flawlessly with the backup camera that I purchased separately.

By S.Eastham



  • Nice, large touchscreen, easy to read during the daytime and at night.
  • All features work as advertised.
  • Easy to download new Android apps from the Google Play Store, directly on the Android 4.4 head unit.
  • Works with steering wheel controls.
  • Works great with backup camera.
  • Works great with OBD II Bluetooth dongle and the Torque app – allows you to read all kinds of information about your engine that you can’t normally see. (RPMs for the gas and electric engines, engine coolant temperature, timing advance, etc.)


  • If you download a separate app for playing music, it’s possible to end up playing that app and the stock music/radio app at the same time. This can be a problem when using steering wheel controls, as they don’t work with the third party apps, but rather than end up activating the stock app such that both apps are playing at once. I usually make sure this doesn’t happen by switching to Bluetooth.
  • Brightness – turning on headlights only dims the display very slightly, which is perfect if you’re driving in the rain. But, if you’re driving at night, the display is still way too bright. It would be nice if the unit automatically turned the brightness all the way down, but as it’s now you have to do it in the settings.


None of these cons were a very big deal to me, and all have solutions, so I went ahead and gave five stars. I really love this unit and all of its features, and highly recommend it. :)

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Tips to Improve GPS Signal on Android Car Stereo

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Though poor GPS signal could be a hardware problem, it’s more often something that can be solved by tweaking your Android car stereo settings. Here are some tips to show you what you can do to improve GPS signal on your Android car stereo.

Audi A4 GPS navigation system

Find out if your GPS issues are hardware or software-related

You can diagnose to see whether poor GPS signal is due to a hardware or software issue by using the GPS Essentials.

  • In the GPS Essentials main menu, tap Satellites, then watch (with some amazement) at your car stereo connecting to satellites around the earth.
  • If no satellites are appearing, then this could be due to interference from metallic objects around you, your car stereo case, or your GPS hardware not working properly.
  • If satellites are appearing, but your GPS is still out of whack, then is a software issue, and you should refer to the other tips in this post to help you.

Refresh your GPS Data

Sometimes your device will get “stuck” on certain GPS satellites, even if they’re not within range, causing it not to work properly. To fix this, you can use an app like GPS Status &Toolbox clear your GPS data and to start connecting to satellites over from scratch.

  • In the app, tap anywhere on the screen, then tap the spanner icon and Manage A-GPS state.
  • Tap Reset, then when that’s finished go back into the Manage A-GPS state menu and tap Download.
  • Your GPS data should now be refreshed, and if it starts playing up again, then just repeat this process.

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Source: androidpit.com

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【Pumpkin FAQ】FAQ for KD-C0223 Universal 6.2 Inch Double Din Android 4.4 Car Stereo

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KD-C0223 1

Universal Android 4.4 Car Stereo KD-C0223


  • Will it fit in 2002 Ford Windstar (or other car models)?

It’s a universal 2 DIN head unit whose size is 178mm*100mm,  and it comes with ISO cables. Please check the dimensions and shape by yourself before purchasing. It’ll fit your car as long as its size fits the dashboard. But if your car has CANBUS or DSP, this head unit would not work properly.

GPS Navigation System

  • Has the GPS freeze up problem been fixed? What kind of GPS is installed? What does it cost to update?

We will preload the free testing copy map from the factory into a 8GB micro SD card for you which includes the map of your country. It’s an iGo software and it doesn’t support update via website. However, once the factory release the new map file, we can send it to you via email for free; all you need to do is just download and use it.

  • How accurate is the GPS navigation system? Does it use Google Navigation, a third party navigation or both?

Most customers are satisfied with the GPS navigation system. We’ll send you a free map SD card to use, and you can also download a map such as Google, Waze via 3G or WiFi.

  • Does the GPS provide turn-by-turn voice navigation? Does iGo receive traffic if you supply the unit with internet access (through 3G or WiFi)?

Yes, it can provide turn-by-turn voice navigation. And you need to download the Google map to receive traffic through WiFi or 3G.

Compatible Function

  • Is this car stereo compatible with 2010 Suzuki SX4 steering wheel controls?

The Suzuki SX4 is original with CANBUS system, so it isn’t compatible. Also, the dimension and shape doesn’t fit, either.

  • Is it compatible with JBL system on Toyota Rav 4?

Sorry, it isn’t.

  • Is this compatible for a 2004 Chevy Avalanche with Bose system & steering wheel controls?
The RCA output is specially designed for the subwoofer, please connect it for the bass out.
  • Is the iPhone 6 compatible with this system?

Yes, it can be compatible with iPhone 6.


  • Will this unit be able to use Bluetooth OBD2 and Bluetooth hands-free calling at the same time?

Sorry, you are only able to use these two functions independently, not at the same time.

  • Why is there a TV button on the head unit if it doesn’t support TV?

This unit can support TV, but it needs extra fees to get this service.

  • Does it play audio CDs? If so, what types?

It can play DVD-video, DVD+-R/RW, DVD-ROM, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW…

  • Can this product handle OBD2 with USB?

Sorry, it can’t.

  • Does the cables that come with the unit have a “Remote Turn On” wire for the amplifier? Does it stream song title and artist while listening to the radio?

Sorry, the cables don’t have the wire for amplifier. And yes, it can stream song title and artist.

  • Do the lights and screen auto-dim (at night or when the headlights are turned on)?

The lights and the screen will auto-dim when the headlights are turned on.

  • I just purchased this unit, but the video output is being transmitted as black and white and not color. It plays color on the display, why?

The video output is only for DVD signal from the DVD driver.  Please change the TV system on to PAL or NTSC on your headrest, so that it would display the original color.

  • The unit works perfectly. However, upon start-up the button lights turn on for 3 seconds and then off. How do I get them to turn on and stay on?

You should cut the ILL(orange one) cable and then connect to ACC(red one) cable.

Any inquires please contact us: sales@autopumpkin.com  or  support@autopumpkin.com
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【Customer Review for Pumpkin】KD-C0224 Universal 6.95” Android 4.4 Double Din Car Stereo

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I purchased this to replace an older Win CE unit. After a few weeks, I am very happy with the unit (KD-C0224) and have to say that it’s much better than I expected.

—-By Esso

Unit takes half a minute to boot up when you start your car, just like cold booting an Android phone. However, the video from the reverse camera (if you have one attached) appears immediately and is independent of the Android boot process.


  • Radio

Standard AM FM with RDS and presets. If your original car radio came with a diversity antenna or an antenna amplifier, make sure they are accounted for in your installation, or you won’t get good reception.

  • DVD/CD player

I don’t use this much, but did test it when I received the unit to verify it worked. Played all the movies I tried without issue.

  • WiFi

Connects to my home WiFi without any problems when I’m parked in the garage. Can browse the web, use the Play Store to install and update apps, shop on Amazon, etc. I haven’t tried the unit with a portable hotspot yet. Note this unit is NOT a phone and there is no persistent internet connection unless you use WiFi (I haven’t tried the 3G USB dongle which is apparently as an option).

  • USB input 

I’ve put my music library on a 256 GB thumb drive and connected it to one of the two USB inputs. I use the PowerAmp app for an MP3 player, and it reads the drive and recognizes all of the 20000+ tunes available. It takes a while to read the directory (it also take a while on my PC).

  • Backup camera 

Works fine.

  • Torque (OBDII application) 

I have a mini ELM327 Bluetooth type unit that I plug into the OBDII socket under my steering wheel. The included Torque app displays OBDII engine diagnostic information from the vehicle computer. Supposedly some units are finicky about recognizing the OBDII adapter, mine works fine (luck?) .

  • Bluetooth 

Works great with my galaxy S3. Transferred contacts phone numbers list without issue. Initiates and answers calls without issue. It also supports music streaming from the phone, but on a somewhat limited level because the MP3 tag info isn’t displayed on the head unit. Similarly to the Win CE unit which is replacing, you can only play, pause, and skip forward or backward. To my ears the fidelity over Bluetooth in the music mode is good.

  • Micro SD Card 

I’ve only tried it with a 32 GB card and it worked fine. There are actually two Micro SD card slots, but one is reserved for the GPS.

  • GPS

I reused the existing GPS antenna I had  and it works well. Thus far I have only used the included iGo app and for basic navigation it works acceptably.

  • Front camera/ DVR app 

Haven’t tried. I already have a separate dash cam recorder.

The unit looks sharp after installation and so far the screen has proven to have good driver visibility day or night. Direct sunlight will wash it out to an extent of course, but it’s MUCH superior to the same size screen on the older Win CE unit it replaced.

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How to Prevent Mazda Car Stereo Theft

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Actually, you have a variety of options in reducing your risk of car stereo theft. Some cost money, while others are more strategic and are completely free.




  • Check your doors and windows every time you leave the car to make sure they’re completely closed and locked. Unlocked doors and open windows pose as advertisements to thieves to target your car stereo and your other possessions in the car.
  • Park your car in a secured area, such as a garage, whenever you are able to. When parking in public, park in well-lit areas that have a lot of foot traffic. Thieves target vehicles that offer the least chance of them getting caught. Cars that are in the dark, parked near an easy escape route or are isolated from the public are more likely to suffer break-ins.
  • Keep the stock radio in your car if it works well and you like the sound quality. Thieves very rarely target or steal stock radios, because they don’t have much resale value. They also don’t fit well in different models of cars, giving them very limited usage outside of the vehicle in which they were originally installed.
  • Invest in an Mazda Android 4.4 car stereo with a removable face if you choose to upgrade your car radio from the stock model. Remove the face of the stereo and take it with you anytime you leave the car. Never leave the face in the glove box or anywhere else in the car, because people often do this and thieves will look for it.
  • Consider tinted windows to help prevent thieves from seeing what type of stereo you have in your car.
Source: about.com
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