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Tips to Choose Car Stereo Steering Wheel Control Adpater

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Although there are lots of aftermarket Android head units that are wired to accept remote inputs, they don’t know how to interpret the commands from all of the different OEM steering wheel control setups out there. In order to allow a head unit to understand those control inputs, you need an adapter to act as middleman.


There are a couple of companies that make these adapters, and each one takes a slightly different approach. These manufacturers offer pretty good coverage, though, so you should be able to find a compatible adapter for basically any car that has steering wheel controls.
Some steering wheel control adapters are designed to work with a specific subset of head units, which is where SWI-JS, SWI-JACK, and SWI-X come into play. Some car stereo control adapters are specifically designed to work with either SWI-JS or SWI-JACK head units, so you can choose the correct adapter by looking at that information. In some cases, you may also need a separate CAN adapter that sits in between the steering wheel controls and the adapter. On the other hand, some adapters are universal in nature, in which case they can be used with virtually any head unit that accepts remote, regardless of which type of SWI it is.
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How to Install a Car Stereo Steering Wheel Control Adapter

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Many cars come with controls installed on their steering wheels to operate the car stereo. This allows the driver to drive safely without taking his hands off the wheel to operate the stereo. If you want to install an aftermarket Android stereo in your car, then it’s necessary to adapt the wiring from the steering wheel to the stereo. This may require removing the lower dash panel underneath the steering wheel.

Things You’ll Need

  • Steering Wheel Control Adapter


  1. Examine your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for the color of wire that you will be looking for on the stereo wiring harness. Remove any parts of the dashboard that you need to and take out the stereo from the dashboard housing.
  2. Locate the stereo harness. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to connect the correct wires from the adapter to the corresponding wire on the car stereo wiring harness. This will differ model by model.
  3. Plug the connector from the adapter wiring into the port on the back of the stereo, labeled “Steering wheel control”.
  4. Leave the stereo outside the dashboard. Turn on the ignition. An LED on the adapter should flash rapidly. Press the volume up button on the steering wheel until it stops flashing for two seconds. This will be followed by a series of flashes, culminating in the LED flashing nine times. The LED will then constantly be lit. Test the buttons with the stereo.
  5. Reinsert the stereo into the dashboard housing. Reassemble the dashboard. Enjoy the added safety benefits of the steering wheel controls.

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Source: ehow.com

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Methods to Get MirrorLink Work on Pumpkin Android 4.4 Head Unit (for iPhone Users)

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MirrorLink is a protocol that devices like your smartphone and in-dash car stereo can use to communicate. It’s invented by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) which established in 2011. The protocol formerly known as Terminal Mode. If you’ve ever cursed your car for not doing all the cool stuff your iPhone can do, MirrorLink will save your poor car’s feelings from your terrible wrath. Here are the methods for iPhone user to get MirrorLink work on the Pumpkin Android 4.4 head unit:


Method 1 : Using the iPhone’s hotspot

  1. Active your iPhone’s hotsopt. Go to the “Personal Hotspot” and active it.
  2. Go to the Pumpkin Android 4.4 head unit’s “WiFi” setting and connect the iPhone’s hotspot. If the head unit can’t connect to the hotspot, please reset the iPhone’s hotspot.
  3. After connecting successfully, go to the iPhone’s control center and click “Airplay”.
  4. There are two choices – “iPhone” and “EC-Mirror-MM”. Choose the latter one and click  “Mirroring”. Then you can get MirrorLink work on your Pumpkin head unit.

Method 2: Connecting the same WiFi network

This method is pretty simple. All you need to do is connecting Pumpkin head unit and your iPhone to the same WiFi network. After that, go to the iPhone’s control center and click “Airplay ” to “Mirroring”.

Here’s a video guidance of using MirrorLink on Android head unit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV7U2KqmNlU

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Guide to DAB Digital Radio/Digital Audio Broadcasting

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Good news, some of Pumpkin Android car stereo will support the DAB function soon (extra device required). It’ll make your journey more enjoyable because of its unique features, so stay tune. Here’s a guide to help you know it better:


What is DAB Digital Radio/Digital Audio Broadcasting?

Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB, is the technology behind terrestrial digital radio. It brings a larger selection of different stations that broadcast in low, medium and high quality or in mono or stereo. Since there’s limited space on DAB at the moment, some stations must broadcast in mono or at a lower quality “bitrate” in order that there is space for other stations.

  • Stations that broadcast mainly speech or talk are usually heard in mono on DAB
  • Stations that play music can usually be heard in stereo on DAB digital radio, though there are exceptions

With DAB digital radio there’s no hiss or crackle

There’s no hiss or crackle to spoil the sound you’re listening to, though there may be the presence of digital “artifacts” in the sound you hear, depending on the broadcast quality of the station on your DAB digital radio.

You don’t have to remember frequencies

There’s no need to remember frequencies, either. You just look for the name of the station you want on the display of a DAB digital tuner and select it. Our radio station directory lists local, regional and national DAB services.

The DAB digital tuners that are available at the moment still leave quite a dent in your wallet. Prices have tumbled in the last few years, though. Once you’ve bought a DAB radio, listening is completely free.

DAB digital radio has other features that often aren’t available with ordinary FM radios.

You can often find out what’s playing next

You can display the name of the artist and track currently playing, or the current programme (if the station is set up to broadcast these things – most are now) and you can see what show or song is coming up next.

You don’t have to re-tune to stay with national stations

National radio stations broadcast on the same frequency up and down the country, so unlike FM there’s no need to keep re-tuning as a DAB digital radio in your car will automatically select the nearest transmitter for uninterrupted listening. If there’s no DAB transmitter nearby, a DAB radio in your car may be able to tune back to FM.

However, you will need to re-tune your DAB digital radio if you’re moving around the country listening to local DAB digital radio stations. If you enter an adjoining area whose local multiplex carries the same station, you can keep on listening to that station by re-tuning.

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Source: http://www.radio-now.co.uk/dab_radio_faqs.htm

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