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touchscreen car stereo

Having a touchscreen car stereo in your car

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Why place a large-screen car stereo in your dash? Fantastic appearance are an excellent place to begin, however there’s such a lot of you’ll get from a double din car stereo. you’ll see all the knowledge you wish at one look, creating it easier to stay your eyes on the road. You’ll even have enlargement choices like navigation and a rear-view camera offered to you within the future.

touchscreen car stereo


Add a rear-view camera for safety

A rear-view or backup camera will facilitate build your double-sized stereo a valuable tool against accidents, as a result of you ne’er recognize what you’ll see behind you — a pet, a velocipede rider, or perhaps legendary creature (he’s extremely shy). Its wide field of read offers a full heap additional of what’s behind you than exploitation your mirror, and you won’t need to flip your head.


Nice huge touchscreen

With an oversized screen acting as your receiver’s show, it is a lot easier to scan than the 2- or 3-line displays of typical automobile receivers. you will get pleasure from having the ability to scan additional data concerning what you are being attentive to. larger icons, split-screen capability, and additional screen land add up to a satisfying automobile audio expertise. you will be ready to keep your eyes on the road a full heap higher if you are not squinched at your show, or anticipating the data to scroll by. In fact, everything you are doing together with your receiver is simpler after you have an oversized, touchscreen interface. Here are some samples of however these receivers will build your drive a lot of easier.  For example: 10.1 inch touchscreen car stereo

 10.1 inch car radioBluetooth® usability

Bluetooth enables you to get pleasure from hands-free oral communication exploitation your compatible phone. You’ll be ready to see caller data instantly with an enormous screen in your dash, therefore you’ll keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Some receivers additionally permit audio streaming from phones.

GPS navigation

Get a stronger map read than phones or most moveable navigators will deliver. And if your receiver doesn’t feature intrinsical navigation, you may be ready to add steerage with Associate in Nursing outboard unit, or hook up with Associate in Nursing iPhone app like MotionX-GPS Drive that works over 3G signals.

car gps navigation


User-friendly HD Radio™

HD Radio broadcasts sound nice, and a double-din receiver provides far more data than an everyday stereo. You’ll see album art and station logos from choose broadcasters, plus song, creative person and album data. And you’ll tag songs for later purchase from iTunes® right the radio.

Convenient stereo controls

One of the most blessings of any big-screen car stereo is that the easy rummaging the menus. whether or not you’re searching for a song on your iPod, a favourite satellite station, or the equivalent weight settings, a big, colourful touchscreen makes finding functions intuitive and straightforward.

Dual-zone listening

If you are toting your family around, the “dual-zone” capability that some receivers supply enables you to separate the rear-seat diversion from the front. Your backseat passengers will hear their tunes or watch movies on a second monitor, whereas you hear the ballgame up front.

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Guidance on Troubleshooting the Car Radio Reception

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Although many drivers has installed the Android 4.4 double Din car stereo to enjoy the music from iPod, some guys still enjoy listening to the radio, whether it is for music, talk shows, or to hear a local traffic report as they head home during rush hour. For these drivers, tuning into their favorite radio station and hearing static or humming can be very annoying. Actually, there are a few ways to help them get the best possible car radio reception. All the things they need is antenna.


  1. Switch your radio to FM if you currently have it set to an AM station. AM radio signals can be weaker and therefore more prone to electrical interference. If you switch to FM and hear immediate improvement, wait until you get to a more open area or the top of a hill before switching back.
  2. Switch your radio to monaural reception if your sound system is equipped with a mono/stereo switch. This can be helpful in getting better reception in hilly areas.
  3. Look at your car’s aerial antenna, checking that it is not loose or damaged. If it is damaged, you will need to replace it. This part is crucial to your car’s radio reception because without it, the metal body of most cars blocks the radio from receiving signals. So if the antenna must be replaced, make sure you select one of good quality.
  4. Check the length and positioning of your car’s antenna. To get the best reception, the antenna should be about 30 inches long and should be mounted as high on your car as possible. Make sure the antenna is free-standing, not making contact with the body of the car, and if it is a telescopic antenna, be sure it is fully extended.
  5. Keep track of when your car radio receives the most interference. If you hear a whining or ticking in time with the engine, or the radio interference worsens when you use your windshield wipers or heater, it may be the engine’s electrical system causing your problem. A reputable mechanic should be able to repair it.
  6. Check your car’s connections if you are still having trouble. Make sure the antenna is securely connected to the stereo system and all of the wiring is in place. You may want to have an auto mechanic look this over for you.

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How to Improve Ford Car Stereo Reception

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Sick of the annoying signal drops or interference when trying to listen to your Ford car stereo? Then check out these four ways to improve your car radio reception:

  • Check if the antenna mast is extended

If your car has an electric or manual retractable antenna mast, the first thing to check is whether it’s extended or not. This may sound like basic stuff, but it’s really common for manual antennas to be retracted and then left that way. Because there isn’t any mechanism to prevent these masts from being retracted, anyone can walk by and shove your antenna down. It’s very common for car wash attendants to push these in to keep them from breaking off in the wash, and if someone doesn’t remember to pull it back, it’s pretty easy to just drive away.

  • Check the antenna connections

If the antenna cable is poorly seated in your Android car stereo, or any of the connections are worn, loose or corroded, you’ll often find it difficult to tune into your favorite station.

So firstly, check the connection between the antenna cable and the back of your head unit. If that’s properly seated, then you may want to find a station you can tune into and then gently wiggle the antenna itself back and forth. You shouldn’t notice anything if the connection is solid. If the connection is loose, you’ll probably notice the tuner drop and then reacquire the signal. If that happens, you should tighten the antenna and check the grounds.

  • Install a signal booster

If you can receive a signal from a particular station, but it’s very weak, then you can install a signal booster to improve your reception. However, boosters won’t be helpful if the issue is related to obstructions like tall buildings and hills.

  • Buy a new antenna 

If you find the antenna mounting hardware or mast is rusted, corroded or broken, you need to replace the antenna. Corrosion and rust could prevent the antenna from making a good connection with your car head unit, so you can get better reception by replacing it.

Source: Cartech.about.com

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