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Top 5 Hot Sale Car Stereos

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Nowadays, car DVD players have had more functions than ever before. They include features such as a camera, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with radio services like Pandora and iTunes. This kind of head units are so popular that many people want to purchase them at once. Below are the top 5 hot sale car stereos which can be used as buying reference:

  • Pioneer AVIC Z130BT

The Pioneer AVIC Z130BT offers a compact head unit option with plenty of features. Drivers who like to talk on the phone appreciate its hands-free Bluetooth feature, while the integrated GPS system provides road trippers with audible step-by-step directions to the next destination. It features an attractive user interface with plenty of contrast, and plays CDs and DVDs as well as digital files, including MP3 and WMA.

  • Sony MEX-BT3100P

Smartphone users appreciate the control options with the Sony MEX-BT3100P. Simply download the iTunes or Android app to control all of the radio functions. Additionally, this car stereo reads text messages to drivers for complete hands-free control. The integrated search function allows drivers to find the tunes they love quickly and easily.

  • Pumpkin KD-C0224

Pumpkin KD-C0224 is a stunning car stereo which surely remove the stress from your journey and keep you entertained. Its bristling with features like its 6.95 inch HD touch screen, Bluetooth and Wifi support allowing you to easily pair it with other devices such as your music device or Android mobile and comes with Android 4.4.

  • Alpine CDE-141

In terms of entry-level car stereos, the Alpine CDE-141 offers basic features with a simple, intuitive design. Although it lacks some of the advanced features of other models, it plays four types of audio sources, including compact disc, terrestrial radio, USB, and auxiliary input.

  • Parrot Asteroid Smart

The large touch screen display of the Parrot Asteroid Smart offers a similar interface to the Android operating system. Tap and swipe to find the appropriate apps for listening to music, answering phone calls, or even surfing the Internet while behind the wheel. Listen to music online, through the USB port, or via an Apple device.

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What kind of Car GPS Navigation is the Best?

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Sometimes plug and play gps navigations is not work, it is caused by various reasons. In order to avoid this problem, Autopumpkin.com offer to buy car GPS dvd player suggestions, as follows:

First, the product works is key. Even the quality can not be assured how easy to use, the more do not talk to after-sale service. There are lots of surface looks like GPS, but quality is far from. You can pay attention to observe the machine closed, SD card slot, USB interface, headset interface and so on.

Second, GPS satellite search speed in the tens of seconds, the seach speed is an important standard to measure the quality of GPS navigation product. Positioning time GPS during cold start is generally 30 seconds to 2 minutes, hot start is generally 10~30 seconds before. The so-called cold start, refers to restart the GPS connection, it determines the position of the time required for now. Hot start is not restart the state star search time.

Third, the appearance of the product. At present, GPS navigation equipment the main screen is 6 or 7 inches and screen can touch. Under normal circumstance, the driver in the driving process has most no chance to see the GPS map, all is according to the navigator voice and driving.

Fourth, all accessories products supporting: to have a look the related accessies such as data cable, stylus, GPS antenna, Free map card, manual is complete.

Fifth, navigation map is the core of GPS product. Navigator is good, the most crucial map. We can offer the up to date map and you need to us for download to it.

Sixth, listen to the voice playback: in the purchase of GPS, must carefully test for speech intelligibility, listen to the sound is clear, there is no distortion. At the same time to test the GPS broadcast content is accurate. The best in the relatively noisy environment, taking away from their 1 metres distance test shall prevail.

Now recommend this one is high quality to you. It has the many key feature like: 6.2 inch HD capacitive touch screen, Cortex A9 dual-core 1.6GHz, Ram Samsung DDR3 1GB, 8GB menory, support both 3G and wifi, Support OBD2, Support 1080P video, Support DVR, 4GB Free map card, AV-IN for reverse camera etc.

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