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Car Headrest Monitor —- A Great Entertainment Choice For Kids

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Today, all kind of the car headrest monitor became popular. It is more and more popular because of the unique and entertainment function. So what is the car headrest monitor? Car headrest monitor is installed in the car, the car dedicated display. It is usually installed on the seat headrest.

Car Headrest Monitor is important part of car audio, equivalent to a color TV set of home theater. It can accept car audio signal and playback on screen, and convenient to use in the car. Car Headrest Monitor in addition to play broadcast and other functions. For example, You can connect the car rearview camera, it can automatically displayed scenery behind the car when reversing. When you watch the 1080P movie, you can view it on diferent screen at same time. Many car headrest has the function of playing games. If your kids are sitting in the behind car seat, they can play interested in games.

This one is latest 9 inch Digital TFT LCD Touch screen with IR FM TransmitterĀ car monitor monitor. It has the functions above all. Like player games and full HD 1920*1080 Video.

car headrest monitor


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