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Guidance on Troubleshooting the Car Radio Reception

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Although many drivers has installed the Android 4.4 double Din car stereo to enjoy the music from iPod, some guys still enjoy listening to the radio, whether it is for music, talk shows, or to hear a local traffic report as they head home during rush hour. For these drivers, tuning into their favorite radio station and hearing static or humming can be very annoying. Actually, there are a few ways to help them get the best possible car radio reception. All the things they need is antenna.


  1. Switch your radio to FM if you currently have it set to an AM station. AM radio signals can be weaker and therefore more prone to electrical interference. If you switch to FM and hear immediate improvement, wait until you get to a more open area or the top of a hill before switching back.
  2. Switch your radio to monaural reception if your sound system is equipped with a mono/stereo switch. This can be helpful in getting better reception in hilly areas.
  3. Look at your car’s aerial antenna, checking that it is not loose or damaged. If it is damaged, you will need to replace it. This part is crucial to your car’s radio reception because without it, the metal body of most cars blocks the radio from receiving signals. So if the antenna must be replaced, make sure you select one of good quality.
  4. Check the length and positioning of your car’s antenna. To get the best reception, the antenna should be about 30 inches long and should be mounted as high on your car as possible. Make sure the antenna is free-standing, not making contact with the body of the car, and if it is a telescopic antenna, be sure it is fully extended.
  5. Keep track of when your car radio receives the most interference. If you hear a whining or ticking in time with the engine, or the radio interference worsens when you use your windshield wipers or heater, it may be the engine’s electrical system causing your problem. A reputable mechanic should be able to repair it.
  6. Check your car’s connections if you are still having trouble. Make sure the antenna is securely connected to the stereo system and all of the wiring is in place. You may want to have an auto mechanic look this over for you.

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【Pumpkin FAQ】What Should You Do if The Map Settings Can’t be Saved

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Some guys might meet the map setting issues when using the aftermarket Android 4.4 car stereo, such as the map color and speed alert setting can’t be saved and need to reset every time when turning on the stereo. Here’s the guidance to help you out:


  1. Check if other settings such as radio, date and time can be saved or not. If all these settings can’t be saved, then you might have plugged the Red ACC cable and Yellow memory wire (labeled with B+ ) into the wrong position. Thus, there is no memory and the Android 4.4 car stereo has no data to save. All you need to do is plugging them in the right position and the setting issue will be fixed.
  2. If other settings can be saved, then there’s something wrong with the map card or the map App. You may need a new SD card and also a new map file (please contact sales@autopumpkin.com for it). After copying the map file into your empty new SD card, you need to insert it  into the GPS slot. Then you can save the map setting without any issues.

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